Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love reading others blogs. I almost get mad when my friends and family don't update them for my enjoyment. That being said, I looked at my own blogging history and decided I am mad at myself too. I had 35 posts in 08, 10 posts in 09, and a big whopping 3 in 2010. WOW! I guess the excitement of telling you all my useless daily "blah" lost its joy and the real life crazies have caused me to be a slacker. I apologize Heidi. Please don't be mad, just be better.

Okay, now to getting better. I will do a quick catch-up from September to the present, I will really condense this for your viewing pleasure.

All three kids were in AYSO soccer. All three thoroughly enjoyed it. Jourden played for the first time, he ROCKED! He was so good and caused a few tears with fellow team mates because they didn't get to score. He was so cute and excited after each goal he scored; which were MANY! Ashton was an amazing player again this year. He was on a team with his best buddy and cousin Dominick and coached by uncle Dave. He is such a serious and determined player and he scored the majority of the points for the team. Shae was on an excellent team that finished the season undefeated. She isn't the most aggressive player, but she does an awesome job and loves to play forward and score. Both Shae and Ashton were chosen to be on competition teams and have started practicing with their teams.

Halloween was fun as usual. I really love the "before" Halloween things. Actual Halloween day is kin
d of anti-climactic and lame to me, but it's not about me anymore is it. I had a cool little entryway decor going on. Saving that totally and completely dead tree and moving it in a hellacious hectic move from one house to another was worth it. Thanks Geoff for just doing it and not secretly throwing it out when I never would have known. The kiddos were adorable and loved their costumes. Shae and her grandma made her alien-space-pop star outfit and she looked awesome.
Thanksgiving was hosted by me...again this year. I was okay with that and actually volunteered. We had a really good time, excellent food and had a great weekend with family. We did some crazy Black Friday shopping with Greg and Becky and pulled an all nighter, which is not good for this old lady and Mother PS.

Christmas was good. We watched Shae and Ashtons first piano recital. They were so cute and Ashton was very nervous. they did awesome. We had delicious dinner at Moms on Christmas eve as usual. She cooks so much for everyone and we had a super yummy prime rib. Thanks Mom. Christmas day was great. Everyone loved their gifts and we had a lot of fun.

I am actually having severe memory loss at the moment so that is going to be it for today. My next post will be more sincere and heart-felt. Maybe I will write a ballad or a poem for you all. For now, this is all you get. LOVES!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't Help Falling

Wise men say, "only FOOLS rush in", but I can't help falling in love with you!

I have always loved this song; The Elvis version, the UB40 version, the awesome re-make from one of my fave movies ever (Some Kind of Wonderful), all of them have always tugged at my heart strings. I really feel like it should be my theme song. I must have known it would one day mean something to me.

After high school I moved from the sprawling metropolis called Parowan. I know what you are thinking...."Why would you do a crazy thing like that?" Well, the scholarship to UVSC was the main reason, along with feeling like I should spread my baby wings and fly. One problem: I was totally "hooked" on my HS BF who happened to still be a HS BF. I did move to Provo, crying and boobing and wishing I were a little more excited to do so. After a whole entire week, I met a RM whom I was REALLY attracted to, although I couldn't tell my Mom what his face looked like! We hit it off quick and spent a lot of time together. I went home most weekends to spend time w/ the BF (stupid,stupid,stupid!!) juggled both guys really well. (I was MOST talented at this, Thnx MOM :) ) and pretty much played myself into the ground scholastically. The Provo BF and I were very serious. I was ready for marriage, he wasn't, then he was ready, then I wasn't. This went back and forth several times for reasons I didn't understand at the time, but now I fully "get it". I managed a few other boyfriends in between these two, always keeping at least two on reserve in case of emergency. SIDE NOTE TO SELF: Remember to write letters of apology for the horrible way in which you once treated so many undeserving men. The guilt will never leave until you do! Okay- so I moved back home to take the summer off. I was having a good time living at home again and had pretty much let the little BF go and was still dating the other. I went to a dance club in Cedar called the MINE SHAFT several times a month with the Sis' and a friend of mine. While there once, a guy who knew my friend saw me and told her the next day that he wanted to go out with "his wife" (referring to me) mind you, we have not met yet. She called me and asked if I would go out with him, me being a faithful GF (go ahead and laugh, I do) said I couldn't I had a boyfriend. Well she kept asking and asking and I decided to go out with this stranger, because what harm was there in that? The BF lived in Hawaii at the time, so HELLO! The guy who was calling me his "wife" was a little "rough" at this stage in his life. When I met him (w/ my GF in tow, yes, she went on our first date) he was at the tattoo shop. He had his nose pierced, his ears, and a few bad habits! BUT....I fell. I fell hard and fast and never looked back. We saw each other everyday after that first date. Right in the middle of this, the BF came back to the mainland and was really excited to come visit me and move on w/ the plans he had for marriage. He actually went to the dance club w/ me one night and things went VERY bad for all involved. I sent him on his way after a brief visit to my parents house and continued to fall for the "bad boy". After 17 days from our intro- the tattoo, pierced guy proposed to me out of the blue. Of course we hadn't talked marriage, we had just met! I of course said YES. My parents were excited and happy for me, which looking at it from a Mom stand point I am thinking.... WHAT??!!??!! They must have known what an amazing guy he really was behind the rebel facade. I proudly showed off my ring and gushed over the thoughts of being married soon. SCREEEEEECH.......wait, I still have a boyfriend! How awkward this conversation will be: " Hi, how are you? Oh you miss me? Can't wait to see me? Can I bring my fiance? Maybe we need to see other people. I was dreading this so immensely! The fiance kept trying to get me to call and "break-up", I kept putting it off. I guess the keep-one-in-the-pocket-for-emergencies dating plan was about to bite me in the butt! Well after 2 whole weeks of torture I called him (fiance on the other phone so he could witness it actually happening) I totally and completely crushed the poor guy. I ended up inviting him to our wedding- of which he attended and was not welcomed by the in-laws-(another story in itself!!) To make a long story longer, we have now been married 14 amazing and fantastic years!!

Geoff is no longer the rebel w/ the nose ring and earrings. The tattoo's will be there forever, but who really cares! His bad habits are gone, and he is even more alluring and sexy to me now than he was at the young age of 21 when I met him. He is the best Dad in the entire world. He is my best friend and my confidant. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry (happy tears-or tears of joy as my son says) He is smart and logical, determined and strong. I am more in love today than I have ever been. I can't believe I can love him any more than I do now, bit I said that 14 years ago and look how much that has multiplied. I am so lucky that "God blessed the broken road" that lead me straight to him. Can't wait to spend another 50 with him. He is THE best!!

So as my song says: Wise men say........ well, call me a fool. It's too bad everyone can't be as foolishly happy as I am!

PS I am scanner challenged, sorry for the mini picture.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Foe Toe Time

It's late, my brain is no longer worth much, and my creative juices have completely evaporated, but....I just took some pics off my camera so I will post some. I posted some of these to my facebook too, sorry for the repetition. Caution: Extremely Random!
I know,I know, how ghetto am I to let him play in the front yard in his tighty whitey's? Well, after the 15th clothes change, I didn't even care anymore!

Tell me how perfect his hair would have been in 1991- shave off the sides, lather on the gel and ta-da, the sweetest "permed mullet" on the planet! He belongs on the beach in Cali doesn't he?

Lilies make me happy!

Jourden has perfected the tan! Better work on those lines!

Totally "bathed" in the dirt right before bed. Gotta love a trailer with a tub!

Not a speck of clean on the boy!

Ash and Julian fishing like "REAL MEN" bare-handed!

"fishing" in the spillway, they actually caught a lot of fish without poles.

Feels good to get soaked during the day.

Everyday occurance. Better than the other everyday occurance; torture, torture, punch!

Shae after girls camp. Too exhausted to even match!
Her face was buried in the couch, her arm was totally contorted, and her towel had just fallen off her head. She loved it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


You are so shocked that I am back right? I know, I know, just calm yourself and be ready for an interesting post. I need to express myself here for a minute.

Dear Disneyland,
I long to be near you! Oh how much I miss you. Soon my friend, soon.
From, H
Dear Metabolism,
You are totally LAME!!
From, H
Dear Summer,
I know I begged you to get here for many months, but ease up a little, you are coming on a little strong! PS I don't appreciate you totally ignoring spring. You and winter need to discuss.
From, H
Dear Chocolate,
Why? I love you so very dearly, why don't you love me back!
From, H
Dear Weeds,
I hate you-go away!
From, H
Dear Money,
Why are you avoiding me? I treat you so well, but leave me so quickly!
From, H
Dear Children,
Please STOP the madness!! You make me scream and the neighbors may call the cops any day now!
From, H
Dear Mom,
I am sorry!!! (refer to last post)
From, H
Dear Fat,
I hate you the most of all, I have never liked you, why are you still here!! You and money need to switch places. This would make me happy!!
From, H
Dear Beach,
I can hear you now, when can we meet again? Please discuss with both Fat and Money, and get back to me. Thanks
From, H
Dear Good Book,
Why do you turn me into a worthless Mother and Wife? We should just get along!
From, H
Dear Diet Dr Pepper,
You are OK, I do miss your sugar filled sister though. She is delicious!
From, H
Dear Sleep,
I LOVE you!
From, H
Dear Blog,
Sorry I abandoned you for so long, I am a loser!
From, H
Dear United States,
You the best, I love you, I hope you can survive the next 2.5 year.
From, H
Dear Shopping,
I miss you!
Dear Laundry,
I despise you! How do you multiply so fast? Please teach Money!
From, H
Dear Husband,
You are AMAZING!
From, H
Dear Children (again. they never listen the 1st time anyway!!)
You are my EVERYTHING!!
From, H
Dear Utah,
Why don't you smell like Hawaii?
From, H
Dear Pioneers,
UNBELIEVABLE!! Endlessly amazed by you.
From, H
Dear Maldives,
We will have an amazing love affair someday!
From, H
Dear Exercise,
I am HOT, maybe we can meet up tomorrow.
From, H
Ta Ta for now!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gone...and I never even found it!

Christmas is over already!!!! I had been trying to get the "spirit" of Christmas, couldn't quite capture it with the time I had, and wha-la...over! I am truly shocked at how fast the holidays came this year, and even more shocked that they are over already. I don't know if I am the only one that feels it, but I swear Heavenly Father is speeding up time so all the wicked and bad things can happen before Jesus comes. I remember "old" people talking about how fast time flies, but this is just overkill! I actually hate it knowing that the time I have with my kids as "kids" is in super-ultra-mondo-quick-speed. I want to work harder at being a good Mom an not a crazy loon that doesn't have fun with them, or play and enjoy their childhood. That being said, I'm pretty sure God knows what he is doing, and little ol' me can't do a dang thing about it! I guess all I can do is try to be better and enjoy them when I can.

We had a fantastic Christmas as usual. I always go into panic mode that we won't be able to keep up with our past years gifts, or won't get them enough, then after they mayhem of opening and exchanging, I am a little disappointed in myself for going overboard. Our tree had so many gifts under it on Christmas morn, Geoff and myself were a little guilty looking at it when we went to bed that eve. He is such an amazing and thoughtful husband, especially at Christmas, he always knows what I want, but won't get it if I ask. He always surprises and pleases me! Love him! He got me painting classes and all the supplies, which really means one night a week of relaxing time for myself to relieve some stress. I am really pumped about this. I won't go on about all the presents I received, but I must admit I was SPOILED once again. The kids were also VERY blessed with an awesome Christmas this year. I am just disappointed I missed out on the feeling I was looking for, maybe next year I will look for it a little earlier!

Seeing the room FULL of gifts before coming down stairs (Ashtons face really says it all!)

Ash getting one of the guns he asked for (we had a serious arsenal at our house: Geoff- a very "war-like" assault rifle, Shae- a pink stock 10-22, Ashton- a rifle, 2 pistols, an army gun and 6 real pocket knives, Jourden- an army gun and a pistol...note Geoff and Shae's real, Ashton and Jourdens- not real)

Uh...can I start to open these now or what?!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I am going to ramble here for a while because, well, I just feel like it! I have a facebook account, and some of my friend and relatives there are doing a "what I am thankful for" post each day. I pondered doing this challenge, but decided I didn't want to, not because it would get difficult towards the end (this is what people posted in their challenge, that is gets hard toward the end of the month after posting for 3 weeks) but because I knew I wouldn't be able to post ALL I am thankful for in just 30 days or less. I have never kept a gratitude journal, but have often thought how easy it would be for me to think of something everyday to be grateful for. Maybe if I was actually writing it down it we be more challenging than thinking it in my head, but it seems like a cake walk to do that everyday. I can't possibly post about EVERYTHING here, but I am going to consolidate into categories and see if I can keep this rather short!

My testimony and beliefs in what is important in life. I can't imagine going through the everyday tasks of life, and wondering what will happen to me or those I love when we pass on. I can't fathom life without prayer, I can't comprehend the thought of life without a loving Father who wants happiness for me and cares about me more than I could ever understand. I don't know if I would ever leave my home or let my children out a 10 foot radius of me, if I didn't know the plan of salvation...can't imagine I would.

My amazing and ever-loving family. From my "best-on-the-planet" parents, to my fantastic husband, I have THE absolute no if-and's-or-but's about it greatest family ever!!! I have been blessed with awesome children whom I love dearly and treasure as my greatest gift. Shae is an amazing daughter who is kind and smart and responsible. Ashton is adorable and hilarious and loving. Jourden is sweet and goofy and affectionate. I love them all SO very much, I couldn't imagine life without any one of them. Geoff is the greatest partner I could ever desire. He is an awesome Dad and my best friend. We are true "soul-mates" (for lack of a better word). My Mom and Dad are perfect parents and I owe them credit for any "good" attributes I may have, (I actually credit them for a lot more than that, cause that's not a whole lot to brag about!) I could go on about my sisters and brother, and my Grandparents and such, but just know I love them also and cherish my great relationships with all of them.

I am ever grateful for the United States of America. For those brave souls who have made it the greatest country ever, and those who still show their bravery daily to keep it that way. As scary as the future looks to me, and as many freedoms and liberties I see deteriorating, I know this country is still the greatest, and I love all it stands for and allows me in my everyday life. God bless the USA!

I am thankful to be me. I know that sounds weird because I am sure no one reading this would ever want to be me, and sometimes I am not to fond of the idea either, but I truly love being who I am, where I am, and how I am. I love being able to walk and talk and breath and smell and taste and touch and hear and see. I love my body (as hideous as it may be!!) I love doing all I can with it and having "it" each day is a gift. You never know when the time will come that your body is through. I am sure I could be much happier if I took better care of my body, but none the less, I love all the things this flesh and bone blob allows me to enjoy.

I think I will stop now, although my mind is just flowing with gratitude that I would love to share. I am SO eternally grateful, thankful and blessed to have such an abundant life. My cornucopia flows over with so much. Most of the time, I don't even deserve it!

Monday, November 2, 2009


The cute Kiddos on Halloween.
Shae...beautiful as ever Alice in Wonderland
Ashton...killer clown did an amazing job in the clown shoes!
Jourden...vampire who scared himself when he looked in the mirror, started crying and jacked-up the make-up job, so funny! Even funnier, he was sportin' a ponytail!

Shae and Geoff went to a Daddy-Daughter-Dinner a few days before Halloween and looked really cute. I think they were both awesome considering they were seriously last minute costumes. They had a great time and had a lot of fun together.